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Are Dental Problems Hereditary?

Are Dental Problems Hereditary?

A lot of people try to blame their dental problems on their parents. “My mom has bad teeth. That’s where I get mine from.” While there is a tiny bit of merit to that theory, the fact is that most dental problems are yours and yours alone. Before you jump to the conclusion that your family caused your oral issues, you might want to reassess your own habits. Here we will answer the classic question: “Are dental problems hereditary?”

Dental Problems You Could Get from Your Parents

There are some dental issues that you could get from your parents. Primarily, these will revolve around the shape and structure of your mouth. Parents with overcrowded smiles have a tendency to pass those cramped mouths onto their offspring. Crowded teeth can be difficult to clean, making them easily susceptible to plaque and decay. This can all be corrected with teeth removal and dental realignment, but you will have to go through extra care steps until then.

Your Habits Control Your Oral Health

Even though your parents are to blame for the way your mouth is shaped, they are not to blame for the care you provide for your teeth. If you only brush your teeth once every day or two, you are not going to get the same bright white smile that your friends have. Your diet, activities, and overall body health will also have an impact on the stability of your smile. The sooner you own up to this idea, the better your teeth will be in the future.

How to Get over Bad Oral Hygiene Habits

If you were never taught how to care for your teeth, you might not have twice-daily brushing on your mind. We aren’t expecting you to change this overnight, no matter how much better that will make your oral health. Try to put yourself on an oral hygiene schedule that you can logically follow. For instance, you might brush your teeth every night before bed. Make this a part of your daily routines, and then you can go on to twice daily brushing and once daily flossing.

If you have children in your home, this would be a good opportunity for you to instill good oral hygiene habits with your kids. Make them excited about brushing their teeth so they want to do so on their own. They will thank you for this mindset later on.


For the most part, your dental problems are not going to be hereditary. They are going to be the result of poor choices that you have made in your life and may continue to make in the future. Correct the problems now so you can have a great looking smile later on in life.




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