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Common Dental Allergies and their Prevention

Common Dental Allergies and their Prevention

Allergies arise due tosensitivity to certain materials called allergens. People with allergiesquickly develop reactions upon intrusion of allergens into their systemsresulting in condition such as running nose, skin rashes, asthma and so on.

Dental allergies are commonand can be caused by the treatment and medication used by the dentist. Mostpatients are found to have allergic reactions to the latex products, which arewidely used in dentistry. Unlike some general products, which are made ofsynthetic latex, healthcare products are made out of natural rubber latex.Hypersensitivity to their protein derivatives is said to be the cause fordental allergies arising out of reaction to latex products. Local anesthesia, apopular pain-evading medication can also cause allergic reactions in some,though the occurrences are not common.

In any case, the doctor canbe requested to find alternatives to avoid allergic reactions. If a patientdevelops an allergic reaction and does not know what caused it, he/she mustimmediately consult the emergency section in a hospital or check with aphysician prior to dental checkups.

If you live in or around Cary, NC, Apex,NC or Raleigh, NC, please feel free to contact us regarding your allergyconcerns. 

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