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Dental Care Tips For Your Babies

Your baby’s teeth may have started coming out so this is the ideal time to begin the process of dental care. While it is true that the first set of your baby’s teeth is not permanent, their good health is necessary for your little one’s gums and the permanent teeth that may soon shoot out. You should ensure that your little one’s new teeth are looked after well. Check out some of the practical tips for your baby’s dental care.

  • Your baby’s teeth should be brushed twice in a day.  Your baby’s teeth should be brushed early in the morning after getting up and at night just before he goes to bed.
  • Brushing should be done gently.  Your baby’s teeth should be brushed both from inside, as well as, from outside. You can also gently brush your baby’s tongue if she asks you. This will help in destroying harmful bacteria that can otherwise lead to bad breath. You may not rinse your baby’s mouth as you would be using a small quantity of toothpaste.
  • Your baby’s toothbrush should be replaced often. You must use a baby toothbrush for brushing your baby’s teeth. The toothbrush should be replaced whenever the bristles appear to be splayed or worn.
  • A little fluoride toothpaste should be used. Do not give your baby a large quantity of fluoride.

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