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Dental Information on Teeth Grinding


Teeth grinding is something you may not be aware you’re doing, yet if you consistently grind your teeth at night, you could be causing slow damage to your mouth.

Bruxism, the medical name for teeth grinding, can be caused by a number of factors. ?Anxiety and stress are two of the biggest contributors to teeth grinding, though individuals who have an abnormal bite or missing/crooked teeth may also suffer from it.?If you experience a habitual sore jaw or constant headaches, you may be grinding at night. ?Loved ones will also often tell you if they hear grinding, because it can even be loud enough to wake them.

Over time, constant grinding can lead to the weakening, fracturing, or loosening of teeth, which can result in the need for complicated dental procedures. ?The affect of grinding on your jaw can also lead to hearing loss or TMJ, a much more serious condition.?An easier solution is to have your dentist examine your teeth for signs of grinding, and if it’s discovered that you do grind, have yourself fitted for a mouth guard that you can comfortably sleep with.

If you believe stress to be the cause of your grinding, you can also look into ways of reducing it, such as drinking fewer caffeinated beverages, especially at night, avoiding alcohol, drinking more water, and relaxing your jaw with a warm towel before bed.

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