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Getting Partial Dentures in Cary, NC

If you have lost just a few teeth and would like to get back a full fledged smile, getting partial dentures may be the way to go. Here are the basics on how to get yourself affordable dentures from your Durham Dental clinic.

Partial dentures are the perfect solution for anyone who has lost some teeth due to an accident or old age or has had them pulled due to some dental issues. A partial denture, also known as a bridge, may be permanent or removable. If you decide to get a fixed bridge put in at your Durham dentist, he will first remove fragments or partly damaged teeth that need to come out to accommodate the partial denture. Since teeth need time to heal from extractions, temporary dentures may be given in the interim. As with a crown, the dentist will make a cast of your mouth and create beautifully molded replicas of your teeth.

After an initial trial period of a few days, your family dental specialist will make adjustments to the partial dentures. Once you are satisfied with the look and feel, he/she will then cement the artificial teeth to the crowns placed on adjoining teeth.

Your partial dentures are now done. You may feel the need to return for adjustments as your teeth heal or as your mouth changes with time. Your Durham dentist will be more than happy to help refit them and make modifications to your partial dentures when the need arises.

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