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Getting Used to Your Smile after Braces

Getting Used to Your Smile after Braces

Getting your braces off is a glorious occasion, but it is often followed by a week of constant adjustment. Remember how you felt the day you got braces? Your mouth had to work extra hard to get used to its new hardware. Now it has to get used to not having that hardware all over again. Here are some tips for getting used to your smile after braces so you can make the adjustment successfully.

Your Mouth Will Feel Strange

Don’t be surprised if your mouth feels incredibly strange after braces. In particular, you will probably notice a difference when you move your lips because they are no longer gliding over your braces. Try moving your lips around a lot when people are not looking so your muscles will start to remember what your smile actually feels like.

You May Talk a Little Funny

A lot of people develop a lisp or other speech impediment when they get their braces taken off. This should not be a cause of concern because it will not last forever. You may talk a little funny for a couple days, but that is because your lips and tongue are trying to get used to the new shape of your teeth. Once they figure out what’s going on, you will sound like yourself again.

Your Teeth Will Be Sensitive

Because your teeth are no longer bound together by metal wires, they are probably going to be a little sensitive. This is perfectly normal after braces, so don’t be alarmed if your smile feels weaker than normal. After your gums and teeth are used to not having braces in your mouth, you will not have to worry about sensitive teeth anymore.

You Can Eat Whatever You Want, But Not Just Yet

In theory, you can eat whatever you want now. You don’t have to worry about maintaining some sort of braces-friendly diet. With that in mind, you do need to be concerned about the foods you eat right after you get your braces off. Your teeth are going to be sensitive to extreme temperatures, so try not to eat anything piping hot or ice cold. Also avoid crunchy foods that are hard to bite into, like peanut brittle and tortilla chips. Save all of those for a few weeks after your braces have been off.

Be patient with your new smile, and you will soon be able to reap the benefits o your years of brace-face sacrifices.



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