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History of the Toothbrush (Infographic)

Here is the history of the toothbrush (infographic)


  • In China (1600 B.C.), aromatic tree twigs freshened breath. Later, the first hard-bristled toothbrush was invented there.
  • In 1690, the word ?toothbrush? was written into an autobiography ? the word?s first known use. French dentists were the first to promote toothbrush use.
  • By 1780, William Addis created the first modern toothbrush? while in prison in England! It was made of cattle bone and swine bristles.
  • In 1857, H.N. Wadsworth was first to patent the toothbrush. Less than 30 years later, mass production of toothbrushes began in America.
  • In 1938, DuPont changed the way we brush with nylon synthetic bristles: softer and more hygienic than the hard hair bristles used at the time.
  • Following WWII, U.S. Army soldiers brought the toothbrushing habit home with them. Just a short time later, in 1954 Switzerland, the first electric toothbrush was produced.
  • It took just 7 more years to produce a rechargeable/cordless electric toothbrush, then a rotary. By 2003, the toothbrush was deemed the #1 invention people can?t live without.

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