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Home Remedies to Soothe a Toothache: Pointers from Cary Dentists

A toothache can put a real damper on your spirits, so when practitioners of family dentistry in Cary, NC suggested basic home remedies, it pays to take note.

When your teeth hurt, it could be due to an underlying problem with the tooth, or it may be tooth sensitivity. Apex NC dentists suggest using dental floss regularly and gently brushing on paste with your finger a few times each day to cope with sensitive teeth.

If your teeth hurt really badly, steer clear of any drinks that are too hot or foods that are very sweet. A cold pack applied to the outside of your cheek usually provides relief, but if very cold food and drink increase the pain then Cary Dental specialists say you may need to avoid those as well.

Garlic has medicinal properties that help with the pain and healing. Chew a few cloves to help ease the toothache. Cloves can be antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. You can use a couple crushed into oil or use a diluted clove oil based mouth rinse. In case your toothache is an infection, a simple warm salt water rinse can help ease the swelling and inhibit the growth of bacteria that have caused the inflammation.

So if you need something to help you tide over the night before you head in to your Cary Dental specialist or Raleigh Dental specialist, just remember, help may be close at hand in your own home.

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