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Manual vs. Electric Toothbrushes: Which One’s for you?

Most of us own manual traditional toothbrushes, but now that electric toothbrushes are just as easily available at stores, it begs the question – which one is better? Will the newer electric ones help with teeth whitening? Or do family dental clinics in places like Cary feel that both have their own place?

According to Cary Dental specialists, electric toothbrushes are easier to use and do most of the hard work for you, but you will still need to ensure you get every corner. Electric brushes are especially good for someone with gingivitis or a plaque problem since some dentists believe that they are more effective. Kids certainly have more fun with the whirring brushes that make light work of cleaning their teeth. So if you have a problem with brushing and haven’t managed to master getting your teeth clean enough, then an electric one might be your solution.

Yet, there is a case for the manual version. While manual brushes come with a variety of handles, bristles and shapes, the choices are fewer when picking out electric brushes. The electric ones need batteries and are bulkier to cart around when you’re travelling. And then there is the cost to consider. But remember, with a manual brush the bulk of the work is done by you. So how correct your brushing technique is and whether or not you brush for the full recommended two minutes, will determine how well your teeth are cleaned. If you can afford to buy an electric brush it takes the hassle out of brushing, but with some guidance from your dentists at your family dental clinic in Cary, you should be a pro with a manual one too!


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