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Looking Back at an Odd Chapter in Dental History


Have you ever thought of going to a barber shop to get a cavity fixed or a tooth pulled? We?re sure that you probably haven?t! However, there is a good chance that at least one of your ancestors did. Back in the Middle Ages, there were no dental specific offices; people went to see barber surgeons instead.?If you went to a dentist with a toothache in the 1700s, and he prescribed the removal of your tooth, it’s quite likely that you wouldn’t have had even a stool to sit on during the process. In fact, your dentist may have asked you to sit on the floor, at which point he would have stood behind you and secured your head between his knees.

Barber surgeons?are just one interesting part of general dentistry history. As you may have guessed, they performed barber, general dentistry and surgical work on people across Europe and North America for years. So people literally could have their teeth pulled, beard trimmed, toe nails cut and minor surgery all in one place.

It wasn?t until laws started being passed in the mid-1700s that people finally gave up the multi-pronged trade. That?s because the laws helped define which individuals should perform certain tasks. After that, individuals suffering from oral health problems were able to seek dental care and pain relief from dentists.

In the beginning, there was only one type of dentist. They handled everything from pulling teeth to making rudimentary dentures. Nowadays, the oral health care marketplace is much different. There is a wide variety of different dentists to choose from. Each one specializes in performing certain tasks.

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