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Simple Dental Treatments May Reverse Decay

Dr. Mann, your Cary dentist, may be giving you more fillings than you need.

A recent study led by Wendell Evans at the University of Sydney supports growing evidence that early tooth decay, before a cavity forms, can often be arrested and reversed with simple treatments that restore minerals in the teeth, rather than the more typical drill-and-fill approach.

The randomized, controlled trial followed 19 dental practices in Australia for three years, then researchers checked up on the patients again four years later. The result: After seven years, patients receiving remineralization treatment needed on average 30% fewer fillings.

?This is quite important,? Mary Hayes, a clinical spokeswoman for the American Dental Association, says about the study, published in December in the journal Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology. ?We have traditionally taken a surgical approach, removing decay and replacing it with a filling,? says Dr. Hayes, a dentist in Chicago. ?You?re changing the paradigm to give ground to therapeutic approaches.?

Read the rest of this Wall Street Journal article here:

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