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Tips for Smokers for Their Dental Health

If you are a smoker, you are more vulnerable to ailments such as lung cancer and heart disease. Your mouth’s condition may also get damaged eventually. Smoking can increase the chances of tooth loss. However, more importantly, smoking is the key cause of oral and throat cancers.

But all said and done, saying “stop smoking” is not such an easy task. That is because addiction to nicotine can be quite strong and difficult to let go. Perhaps, this is the reason why companies who deal with tobacco products are highly successful in their business.

But, quitting smoking is the most sure-shot mechanism to do away with all the perils that may be caused by tobacco not only for your dental health but also to enhance the possibility of leading a healthy and long life with the people you love.

Below are some important tips that smokers must follow for their dental and oral health.

  • Immediately try to stop chewing tobacco or quit smoking.
  • Go for regular checkups to a dental clinic to find out the status of your gums and to ensure that there is no development of oral cancer.
  • Have a comprehensive oral hygiene plan in place by flossing, brushing, using a tongue cleaner and a mouth wash regularly. You must also visit the dentist regularly for professional cleanings.
  • You must also know how to do a self examination for an oral cancer by looking for pain, numbness, lumps or swelling around your tongue.

If you need more information on the risks you are at due to smoking, get in touch with your dentist at Cary today.

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