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Dental Restorations in a Day

At Charles Ashley Mann, DDS & Associates, we are a CEREC® dentist specializing in creating beautiful smiles in one visit. By using the latest in dental technology, we can transform your smile into one that is bright, beautiful, and one that you are proud to show off. 

If you live in Fuquay-Varina … opens in a new window to Google Maps…, we invite you to call our office to discuss any oral health issues you are struggling with or anything that you do not like about your smile’s appearance. We will create a plan to correct those problems, and better yet, we’ll use the CEREC® technology to do so in one visit. This means even the busiest of people can take the time to have their smile improved.

What Can CEREC® Be Used for?
Cosmetic and restorative dentistry.
Our newest Cerec machine technology

The traditional process for dental procedures to treat damaged, stained, crooked, or overcrowded teeth involves taking an impression of the tooth. Upon completing measurements, the dentist sends the results to a lab to create the restoration. In the meantime, the patient may spend up to two weeks with a temporary restoration while the lab completes the new one. 

The two biggest challenges with this scenario come down to time and convenience. The traditional process takes too much time and is inconvenient due to the necessity to have multiple dental appointments and wear a temporary solution.

Our newest Cerec machine technology
We specialize in creating beautiful smiles by using the latest in dental technology
We specialize in creating beautiful smiles by using the latest in dental technology

However, as a CEREC® dentist, we complete the process differently. If you seek to:

  • Improve your teeth’s appearance

  • Straighten your teeth

  • Cover dark stains

  •  Close gaps

  •  Change your teeth’s size

  • Repair damaged teeth

We offer a one-day treatment without the need to wear a temporary restoration, made possible by the CEREC® technology. 

If you need a dental restoration, have a dental emergency, or simply need to improve how your teeth look, visit our dental office for an immediate solution!

The Same-Day Process
How this modern technology is changing dentistry in Fuquay-Varina, NC.
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Step One

At Charles Ashley Mann, DDS & Associates, we take digital images of the tooth and mouth and immediately upload them into the software. Using CAD/CAM technology, we create a computerized image of the tooth along with the exact dimensions and blueprint for what the new restoration needs to look like. The software processes the information quickly before making comprehensive recommendations for the restoration.

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Step Two

We then send the instructions and specifications to our milling machine, which will effectively print the restoration in our office. You no longer need to wear a temporary solution and return for a permanent one at a later date. Since our software is so accurate, there is very little need to make any adjustments once the crown is in place. We can complete all necessary steps in one appointment.

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Step Three

Beyond being convenient, the results are just as stunning as they can be using the traditional method. You will experience the results you are looking for as fast as possible so that you can begin to enjoy your smile again.

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