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While teeth can seem invincible pearly whites that break down food and help make a great smile, they have layers and can weaken over time. Without proper care, a tooth can sustain enough damage to expose the inner layer, known as the dental pulp. Infected dental pulp will cause varying levels of pain when eating, speaking, or at any time of day. Fortunately, we can help.

We can use root canal treatment to help remove the infected dental pulp, prevent the spread of the infection to other teeth, and relieve pain. Afterwards, we will also help to protect the tooth from further disease with a CEREC Same-Day Crown or tooth filling.

In the past, this procedure was a great source of anxiety and pain. With modern dentistry techniques and technology, a root canal can be performed with a minimum of discomfort and let you get back to enjoying your life, pain-free!


When Do You Need a Root Canal?
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Dr. Daniel explaining the result to a female patient

When a tooth becomes infected, that infection can spread into the center of the tooth. This area is called the dental pulp. Inside of the dental pulp are the nerves, connective tissue, and blood vessels. 

All of the sensitive areas of the tooth are contained here. As such, when the area becomes infected, it can be incredibly painful, requiring immediate treatment. 

A root canal may be your best option if you’re suffering from:

  • Severe tooth sensitivity

  • Trauma to the nerve

  • Extreme tooth decay

  • Traumatic injury from an accident

Dr. Daniel explaining the result to a female patient.
The Procedure
What to expect from root canal therapy.
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Step One

A root canal endodontic procedure works by creating a small hole in the tooth to remove all the infected. We remove the dental pulp, and sometimes the roots, to prevent the further spread of infection.

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Step Two

Once done, we will clean the area to ensure the infection is gone. We will typically prescribe antibiotics to ensure that any lingering bacteria and infection is eliminated.

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Step Three

To complete the root canal, we will seal the hole and area where the dental pulp used to be. We do this with something called gutta-percha, a rubber-like substance that helps stabilize the tooth now that a portion is missing.

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Step Four

We will then use a filling or crown to further strengthen and protect the damaged tooth. In the end, you’ll enjoy a fully-functional smile with a natural look.

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